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JM’s Security package in Sweden (Trygghetspaket)

For many years, JM has offered a security undertaking to ensure that tenant-owned apartments are a secure form of housing and a safe investment for tenants.

JM’s security undertaking is based on the comprehensive quality assurance work that JM has been carrying out for more than 20 years, as well as on our environmental policy, which focus on a sound living environment. This is the security undertaking in brief:

  • Dual residence insurance: If it takes time to sell an existing home, the customer can receive reimbursement for costs associated with maintaining dual residence for up to 6 months, after a 3-month qualifying period (Effective January 1, 2009)
  • Access protection: The customer may postpone moving in by up to three months if this is not possible for any reason on the designated date (Effective January 1, 2009)
  • Financial documentation will be developed for each buyer prior to purchasing a home, based on the customer’s finances, that shows the entire cost of housing
  • The tenant-owners association's financial plan is reviewed by two analysts authorized by the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, who certify that the plan is based on reliable grounds
  • JM also purchases apartment that is not sold with tenant-owner association rights by the closing day on terms and conditions as stated in the financial plan, which means that the association is not hit with reduced revenues from owner contributions and annual fees
  • Guarantees for deposits issued by AB Bostadsgaranti or Gar-Bo Försäkring AB.
  • A two- to five-year warranty period for construction work
  • Ten-year building defect insurance policy, beginning from the final inspection
  • If any damage occurs in any of our projects within ten years after final inspection due to an error in façade design or construction and such damage is not covered by the building defect insurance, JM will ensure that the damage is repaired (New 2008).

Customer advocate

We always strive to achieve good quality and to provide customers with flawless homes at the right time. Naturally we always want to treat our customers right, but sometimes misunderstandings arise and sometimes we make mistakes. The customer advocate is a JM employee whose job is to examine customer complaints about projects and to mediate, when needed, between the customer and JM.