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Buy a new home

For most people, buying a home is the biggest transaction of their lives.

Over 70 years of building homes has given JM extensive experience of creating home where people enjoy living.

We sell newly built homes. There's a big difference between new and existing homes, and when you take a closer look at our homes you’ll notice the difference in material choice and the opportunity to influence the interior. As a type of housing, a tenant-owned apartment offers many advantages.

When you buy a tenant-owned apartment within a housing association in Sweden, you own the right to occupy and use your apartment and you can sell this right whenever it suits you. The ownership right to this apartment can also be inherited or transferred as you like.

As a member of the housing association, you basically live in your apartment at self-cost

Almost never any bidding

When you buy a newly built home, bidding is rarely involved. The price given at the showing is usually the price that freehold ownership or a tenant-owned apartment will cost. The cost of any interior upgrades you make is additional.

Natural materials When you visit one of our homes you will be positively surprised. Our homes are open, light and spacious. We use natural materials for our interiors, such as tile and wood. We prefer paper wallpaper and wood flooring to plastic wall and floor coverings.

Interior options

Our newly built homes include a carefully planned interior standard, but you have the opportunity to choose your own colors, materials and appliances. If you choose an existing home instead, renovation is usually necessary before the home is truly what you want.

We know that our customers want to personalize their new homes; therefore we aim to ensure that as a buyer, you will have the opportunity to personally influence your home as early as possible, to the greatest extent possible.