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Community involvement

The emerging modern city enables both social and financial development for society, enterprise and the city’s inhabitants.

Projects' social contributions

Through our residential development, JM enables people to live in modern homes with a minor environmental impact, enjoy a rich social life, live in close proximity to recreational and green areas and have access to convenient public transit for getting to work and services. We build in growth areas that have the greatest need for homes.

Employment and internships

A high level of employment is a basic prerequisite for a sustainable society. As a means to contribute to employment in the local community, we cooperate extensively with schools and universities at the locations where we operate. For example, we collaborate with the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and Tekniksprånget, whereby we offer young people internships with the aim of inspiring them to apply for engineering programs. The internships provide a good opportunity for the participants to experience the construction industry. Every year, JM offers around 100 students an internship, primarily within production. In collaboration with Arbetsförmedlingen (the Swedish Public Employment Service), JM provides employment to newly arrived immigrants who have experience in construction.

Accountability in the supply chain

The urban planning sector uses large quantities of construction materials and goods. These materials and goods are produced in many different places throughout the world. As a large and material-intensive downstream user of materials, the sector has both the opportunity and the responsibility to ensure that its supplier chains comply with and observe human rights, labor law, work environment aspects and environmental considerations. JM's program for auditing its suppliers' sustainability management includes an annual assessment of the suppliers through a questionnaire. A selection of these suppliers is subsequently audited on site at selected factories. If any deficiencies are identified during the factory visit, the supplier must prepare and fulfill plans for corrective measures in order to continue being a supplier in JM's supplier chain.

Secure home purchase

Customers should feel secure when buying a home. We offer a security package that takes a comprehensive approach to purchasing a home – it protects not only the customer, but also the home, property and tenant-owners association. For example, the customer is protected against double housing costs, and with the access protection, the customer may postpone occupancy for up to three months if it is not possible to move in on the designated date for some reason. The work performed in the home has a five-year warranty. Appliances, plumbing fixtures, painting and wallpapering have a two-year warranty.

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