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Focus on people

For us, focus on people means that we enable our customers to maintain a sustainable lifestyle.

JM inspires and enables:

More efficient utilization of resources

The sharing economy – leasing, borrowing or in some other way sharing goods and services with others – is one way to utilize existing resources more effectively than is the case today – in order to increase utilization. Some examples include tenant-owners associations having tools such as hammer drills, saws and tool sets available for common usage, using services such as shared cars instead of owning cars individually and sharing yard space in different ways over the course of a day – for instance using it as a preschool yard during the day and as a yard for residents during evenings and weekends.

More eco-friendly everyday living

A sustainable lifestyle consists of consumption and behavior patterns that satisfy basic needs, improve quality of life and minimize resource utilization, emissions and waste from a life cycle perspective. A setting that encourages sustainable lifestyles enables interaction with many people, as well as involvement in networks and activities in different types of meeting places in the area such as patios, parks and other physical locations that are designed for people to encounter one another. A sustainable lifestyle also includes practicing healthy habits, participating in sports and taking an interest in culture. Travel is undertaken with transport that is used by more people than just the individual resident. People who adopt a sustainable lifestyle are also knowledgeable and make appropriate decisions from the perspective of the environment; for example, such an individual is aware of what is being consumed and ensures that purchased goods are non-toxic and sustainable.

More influence and involvement

Positive dialogue with the stakeholders in the area enables involvement and the possibility to influence. Involvement is possible for everyone without consideration of gender, ethnicity or religious affiliation, disability, age or socio-economic status. The sustainable and heterogeneous neighborhood is open to a mixture of cultures, which attracts investors, enterprise, residents and visitors.

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