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Collaboration with our surroundings


It is of great importance that JM has an open dialogue with its surroundings and is sensitive to the preferences and wishes of its customers and other stakeholders on various issues. JM has an ongoing dialogue with customers, employees, owners, investors, cooperation partners and other stakeholders. Happy customers are an important key to success. The Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) measures customer satisfaction in the residential development industry in Sweden. For the seventh consecutive year, JM Sweden has the most satisfied customers in the industry with a CSI of 78, which can be compared with the industry index of 73 out of 100 potential points (Source: Prognoscentret.) Achieving a high degree of customer satisfaction is evidence of JM's well-functioning process for managing customer relations. The aim is for customers to have a good dialogue with JM during the entire process. The process typically starts with a general idea of JM and a first expression of interest, contract signing, information meetings and work site visits, and it continues until occupancy.


By maintaining a dialogue with our stakeholders, we stay updated on how our customers, the authorities, potential employees, municipalities, suppliers, competitors and business and cooperation partners perceive us and how they would like to see us develop. We also report the results of our work through a number of different channels, for example on our website, in our Sustainability Report, according to Global Reporting Initiative G4, Global Compact CoP, Carbon Disclosure Project and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Disclosure through the Haga Initiative.


Sustainability issues are at times industry-wide, and environmental initiatives, therefore, require broad cooperation across business boundaries in order to succeed. Our work does not stop with us. Much of JM's impact on sustainability aspects takes place through the company's external partners such as subcontractors and materials suppliers. We place high demands on potential partners. All of our framework agreement partners are assessed to ensure, for example, that they only use products that meet environmental standards and that they employ reliable procedures for social and ethical consideration, waste management and transportation. Read more about our partnerships