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How we work

JM’s work helps to create sound communities for the people of today and tomorrow; the buildings JM is building today will be used for at least 100 years. As a leading project developer of housing, sustainability is an important hallmark for JM.

JM's sustainability management aims to take financial, social, ethical and environmental responsibility for our project development, as well as for our completed homes and commercial premises. By addressing both long and short-term sustainability issues, JM aims to be a credible and wise choice for customers.
JM generates value through project development – by optimizing customer value, revenue and costs and by identifying and acquiring land on which to develop attractive neighborhoods and commercial premises. During the process, the project developer is faced with a number of risks and opportunities, which if handled appropriately can add to value generation and profitability.
JM works to achieve sustainable development by taking responsibility for the business' long-term approach and the impact that our activities and decisions have on society and the environment. In this way, risks can be managed and opportunities can be utilized that result from our relationship with the external world and our stakeholders. The long-term goal of sustainable development implies development that meets the needs of today without risking future generations' opportunities to meet their own needs.
JM's clear strategic focus has given us good profitability and a leading position in the market. Sustainability management and application of the precautionary principle are central and integrated parts of our project development.