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JM is striving to handle our supplier invoices more efficiently. We request that invoices be sent to us electronically. All invoices must have a valid Project number, Cost Center or Business Entity.

There are two ways to submit electronic invoices to JM:


If you are one of our large suppliers, we recommend that you send your invoices via PEPPOL or our e-invoice provider InExchange. To get started, contact InExchange by phone 0500-44 63 60 or visit For more information regarding PEPPOL, please visit Galaxy Gateway.

The first e-invoice should always be a test invoice and may only be sent in agreement with JM.

The content of all invoices must comply with JM’s requirements. All invoices that do not have a valid Cost Unit (Cost center, Project number including project element, or Business Entity) will be rejected and returned to the supplier.

For information on GLN-numbers, see document ‘E-invoice addresses and VAT No’.

2. ONLINE INVOICING via BEAst Portal or InExchange Web

This method of invoicing is primarily intended for suppliers that:

  • Have smaller invoice volumes
  • Want to get started at no cost
  • Do not have a tailored business system
  • Have previously had an invoice returned due to an error and would like to be able to submit an invoice in accordance with JM’s content requirements without issuing a new invoice

BEAst Portal is the construction industry’s joint invoicing portal. It is free and you can start sending invoices as soon as you have created a supplier user account. The same account can be used to invoice all companies that are listed as registered. Get started today via:  BEAst Portal

InExchange Web is an option for registering and sending your invoices electronically to JM. The service is free of charge up to 100 invoices per year. More information is available at:

If you have questions that are not answered by BEAst Portal support or InExchange support, please send an e-mail till JM.