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Together we build homes where people feel at home

Building homes where people feel at home is in large part also a matter of trust. We take the long-term view; our houses of course have to last hundreds of years at least and must always represent a benefit to both our customers and to society in general. Naturally this also applies to our contacts, both internal and external. Mutual trust makes for better and smoother cooperation.

Why is JM a good cooperation partner for you as the supplier?

  • We have amassed large volumes of standardised products.
  • We carry out development work together with our suppliers.
  • We are a financially strong purchaser
  • We have long-term planning in place – uniquely for our industry.
  • We have long contract periods and value customer loyalty.
  • We have a strong brand.

Our procurement policy.

Our market position brings with it large-scale benefits which we have to take advantage of. It is important that our purchasing secures value for our customers as well as reflects our resource requirements. Quality requirements apply to everything, from security of supply to directives governing the environment and ethics. This process naturally proceeds most smoothly when competent purchasers cooperate with competitive suppliers.

As is so often the case this involves being responsive to the views and wishes of both employees and customers. When this happens we often find new opportunities to further develop both processes and products together with our suppliers.

JMs procurement policy


Environmental requirements of Framework Agreement partners

A large part of JM's environmental footprint is a result of the activities of our external cooperation partners, such as subcontractors and material suppliers. With the help of JM's environmental product database – our own environmental assessment system – we constantly check purchased material. The criteria for the chemical content have been developed within the framework of BASTA – the construction industry's joint database for phasing out hazardous substances.

Products which are included in a framework agreement are inspected on this basis before we sign any agreements. Framework agreement partners are also subject to an environmental assessment to ensure that companies have reliable routines in place for processes such as waste management and documentation, and to make certain they also have an internal environmental management system. For example, we require our framework agreement partners to have an integrated environmental policy. .