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Interim report January - September 2015

Press release 10/21/2015 8:00 AM


· According to segment reporting, revenue increased to SEK 10,489m (9,729) and operating profit was SEK 1,144m (1,171). The operating margin decreased to 10.9 percent (12.0) due to a change in the project composition in JM Residential Stockholm
· Restated in accordance with IFRIC 15, revenue increased to SEK 10,195m (9,530) and operating profit was SEK 1,088m (1,201). The restatement is attributable to JM International and had an effect on earnings of SEK –56m (30)
· Profit before tax decreased to SEK 1,033m (1,149). Profit after tax decreased to SEK 775m (871)
· Return on equity for the past twelve months was 27.6 percent (30.1). Earnings per share during the nine-month period was SEK 10.40 (11.30)
· Consolidated cash flow including net investment in properties was SEK 193m (639)
· The number of sold residential units increased to 2,831 (2,277) and housing starts increased to 2,665 (2,277)
· Property sales completed in Denmark and Belgium in order to narrow JM’s geographic focus.

JM is one of the leading developers of housing and residential areas in the Nordic region. Operations focus on new production of homes in attractive locations, with emphasis on expanding metropolitan areas and university towns in Sweden, Norway and Finland. We are also involved in project development of commercial premises and contract work, primarily in the Greater Stockholm area. JM seeks to promote long-term quality and environmental considerations in all its operations. Annual sales total approximately SEK 15 billion and the company has about 2,300 employees. JM is a public limited company listed on NASDAQ Stockholm, in the Large Cap segment.