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Interim Report January – September 2010

Press release 10/28/2010 2:45 PM

Good demand for JM’s housing allows higher level of housing starts

· Revenues amounted to SEK 6,061m (7,127), including an impact on revenue of SEK -281m (888) due to restatement according to IFRIC 15. Revenue according to segment reporting shows an increase of SEK 103m (-3,140)

· The number of residential units sold totaled 2,220 (2,383) and housing starts increased to 2,432 (1,446)

· Profit before tax improved to SEK 469m (240), of which restatement according to IFRIC 15 had a negative impact on profit of SEK -47m (-4). Profit after tax improved to SEK 329m (167). Operating margin increased to 8.7 percent (4.7)

· Return on equity for the past twelve months increased to 14.9 percent (2.1). Earnings per share during the first nine months of the year increased to SEK 3.90 (2.00)

· Consolidated cash flow including net investment in properties totaled SEK -263m (344) of which SEK -719m paid in cash relating to the acquisition of the Dalénum area, Stockholm.