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Construction start for Lund's first climate-smart JM houses

Press release 12/9/2008 1:23 PM

Today JM breaks ground for seventeen climate-smart houses in the popular Östra Torn area in Lund. Features include better insulated walls and windows, and with heat recovery as standard, energy consumption is cut by at least 35 percent.

"People in Lund are extremely interested in the Östra Torn project. They are particularly drawn to the location and the beautiful view," says Anna Hultén, sales manager. "All of the houses in the first stage are already booked or reserved, and we have now initiated sales on five more."

The project, called "Terrasshusen", mainly attracts young families with children who want to live close to both nature and the industrial parks on the northeast side of Lund. This environmentally aware customer group places high demands on their housing. The houses are reminiscent of English terraced houses and are built in dark brick with light woodwork.

"Taken together with our projects at Lund Väster and Hjärup in Staffanstorp, in just a short period we have started projects in the region with no fewer than 119 homes, which is encouraging considering the gloomy signals to which we have otherwise become accustomed of late."

High-resolution photos of JM's climate-smart houses, as well as photos of the three residential areas Östra Torn, Lund Väster, and Hjärup, can be downloaded at