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The JM Brand

Houses where people feel at home

As the market’s leading player, JM benefits from working to achieve increased demand in general for newly built homes. The existing home market (i.e., not newly built homes) is JM’s main competitor.

JM focuses on the advantages of buying a new home, such as the opportunity to influence choice of floor plan, materials and equipment.

Coordinated campaigns

It is essential for JM that communications successfully retain the focus on a long-term approach while simultaneously incorporating renewal in its concept and message.

Branding campaigns must be coordinated with ongoing sales activities, such as JM’s regularly arranged big open house for customers.
Poster campaigns, commercials and radio spots complement newspaper ads and direct mailing of project catalogues.


Brand strength

Awareness of and attitudes toward JM are good. Studies show that JM is the first choice in its target group in Sweden – more mention JM than any other company when asked to whom they would turn to buy a newly produced home.