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Value Generation through Project Development

JM has worked with residential project development for 70 years. The projects are often large and complex and create new residential areas.

Extensive experience in the building process

Successful project development presumes knowledge and experience of land and property acquisitions, pre-construction and planning processes, as well as production, sales and management. We have extensive experience in mastering this holistic approach that generates value, particularly through our close relations with end customers. 
JM works with a comprehensive management system, designed to ensure a common working method in all JM projects.


Project Development phases

JM’s projects usually start with an acquisition of land.

JM conducts market surveys regularly to analyze customer preferences with regard to type of housing, design and location. The process from buying the land until the new homes are ready for occupancy always takes several years and begins with a dialogue and collaboration with the involved municipality to determine how the land can be used.

Next follows a pre-construction phase in which architects and other consultants are involved.

Sales begin and once home buyers have reserved a certain percentage of planned residential units, construction can begin.

JM remains involved for approximately two years after occupancy.