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Executive Management

JMs organization is divided into Group Staffs, Business Units and Regions.

A decentralized organization with clearly delegated profit and marketing responsibility has given the JM Group a strongly business-driven corporate culture.

Johan Skoglund

President and CEO
Year of employment: 1986
Member of Executive Management: 2000
Shares in JM: 50,000
Convertibles: SEK 11,060,917
Material shareholdings or part ownerships in companies with which the Company has material business relationships: 0
Born: 1962
MSc Eng, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm 1986, and MSc Program, Stockholm School of Economics 1998.

Former positions at JM: 30 years in various positions such as site engineer, project manager, regional manager and business unit manager. President and CEO since 2002.

Board member of Castellum AB, The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and Mentor Sverige.

Martin Asp

Business unit manager JM Norway and JM Finland.
President JM Norge AS.
JM employee since: 1996
Member of Executive Management: 2011
Shares in JM: 6,295
Convertibles: SEK 2,827,082
Born: 1973. MSc Eng. LTU 1997. MSc Program, Stockholm School of Economics 2000. B.A. Stockholm University 2010.

Former positions: Supervisor, project planning manager and project manager at JM. President of Kvarnholmen Utveckling AB. Business unit manager JM Norway as well as JM Denmark, Finland and Belgium from July 2011.

Chairperson of the Board of JM Norge AS. Member of the Board of JM Suomi Oy.

Sören Bergström

Business unit manager JM Construction
JM employee since: 1988
Member of Executive Management: 2001
Shares in JM: 5,000
Convertibles: SEK 1,144,542
Born: 1956. MSc. Eng., KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. MSc. Program Stockholm School of Economics 1996. Executive Management Program Stockholm School of Economics 2001. 

Work experience: Project manager, President of three different subsidiaries and regional manager. Business unit manager JM Production 2002–2006. Business unit manager JM Residential Sweden 2007–2017. Director of Purchasing 2018. President of JM Entreprenad AB 2019. 

Maria Bäckman

General Counsel, Legal Affairs and Development  
JM employee since: 2000
Member of Executive Management: 2012
Shares in JM: 1,000
Convertibles: SEK 1,471,554
Born: 1973. LL.B. Stockholm University 1997.

Articled clerk Uppsala district court, Associate lawyer Advokatfirman Lindahl.

Per Lundquist

Director of Operations Development (Quality and Environment, Technology and IT)
Year of employment: 2016
Member of Executive Management: 2016
Shares in JM: 3,000
Convertibles: SEK 2,827,082 
Born: 1967. MSc Eng.

Former positions: Senior Vice President Operations at Cramo AB. Toyota Material Handling Europe, Toyota Industries and Cap Gemini. 

Board member in JM Norge AS and JM Suomi Oy.

Susanne Persson

Business unit manager JM Residential Sweden
JM employee since: 2013
Member of Executive Management: 2018
Shares in JM: 1 857
Convertibles: SEK 339,750
Born: 1969. MSc Eng. Lund 1992. Bachelor of Science Ecole National de Ponts et Chaussées Paris.

Former positions: Skanska Group, PEAB Sweden as regional manager. Regional manager South Region JM Residential Sweden 2013-1017. Business unit manager JM Residential Sweden 2018–.

Helena Söderberg

Director Human Resources
JM employee since: 2010
Member of Executive Management: 2010
Shares in JM: 1,300
Convertibles: SEK 300,905
Born: 1967. Degree in Human Resources, Uppsala University 1991.

Nordic HR Director Alstom Transport 2007-2010 and 16 years in various HR positions within the Skanska Group.

Pär Vennerström

Business unit manager JM Residential Stockholm and Business unit manager JM Property Development
JM employee since: 2001
Member of Executive Management: 2014
Shares in JM: 3,750
Convertibles: SEK 0
Born: 1974. MSc Eng. Royal Institute of Technology 1999. Executive Management Program Handelshögskolan 2015.
Former positions at JM: Project manager, Regional manager Stockholm Northwest Region 2008-2009, Regional manager Stockholm South Region 2009-2014.

Anders Wimmerstedt

Production Director
Year of employment: 1984
Member of Executive Management: 2018
Shares in JM: 0
Convertibles: SEK 817,530
Born: 1964. Construction engineer.

Former positions: 30 years at JM in various management positions, including as a Project Manager, Supervisor and Production Manager. 
Since 2011 Head of Production Residential Stockholm with overall responsibility for the development of production operations in JM Residential.

Board member in JM Norge AS and JM Suomi Oy.

Claes Magnus Åkesson

Chief Financial Officer, IR
JM employee since: 1998
Member of Executive Management: 1998
Shares in JM: 27,774
Convertibles: SEK 7,523,433
Born: 1959. MSc Econ. Stockholm School of Economics 1984. Advanced Management Programme, INSEAD, France.

Ericsson Group 1987–1998: senior controller Asia, head of finance and treasury Malaysia and regional controller Asia.

Board member of JM Norge AS, Concentric AB and Handicare AB.