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Interim report January - June 2016

Report 7/15/2016 8:00 AM


· According to segment reporting, revenue increased to SEK 7,727m (7,233) and operating profit increased to SEK 893m (771). The operating margin increased to 11.6 percent (10.7)
· Restated according to IFRIC 15, revenue increased to SEK 7,336m (6,785) and the operating profit increased to SEK 824m (722). This restatement is attributable to JM International and had a negative effect on earnings of SEK –69m (–49)
· Profit before tax increased to SEK 801m (691). Profit after tax increased to SEK 617m (527)
· Return on equity for the past twelve months amounted to 27.5 percent (28.8). Earnings per share for the first six months of the year increased to SEK 8.40 (7.00)
· Consolidated cash flow including net investment in properties was SEK 1,487m (386)
· The number of sold residential units increased to 1,958 (1,940) and housing starts amounted to 1,772 (1,777)