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Corporate Governance

JM’s objective is to increase the knowledge of shareholders and other stakeholders about how the Board of Directors and the administration operate in order to ensure that shareholders’ demand for return on invested capital is met.

JM is a public limited company listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, in the Large Cap segment.

JM shareholders govern, directly or indirectly, the company through a decision-making system and the highest decision-making body is the annual meeting of shareholders. The annual meeting of shareholders where the consolidated accounts and auditors' report on the consolidated accounts are presented and Directors are elected, among other things, is referred to in the Swedish Companies Act as the Annual General Meeting.

Governance, management and control of a public limited company are allocated among the shareholders, Board of Directors, CEO and Executive Management. Governance is regulated by Swedish law, the corporate by-laws, the listing agreement with the stock exchange and other rules and recommendations, such as the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance. JM applies this code and any discrepancies are reported and justified in accordance with the Code's 'comply or explain' principle.

The Code stipulates that JM must attach a corporate governance report to the annual report. The corporate governance report must also be available on JM's website. In a separate section of the corporate governance report the Board of Directors must describe how the internal controls that refer to financial reporting are organized.